Saturday, April 19, 2014


my talisman for the week.
It is Spring - a time for renewal and love.  Eater and Passover.  The religious and the pagen joyous festivals of Spring.
An for me, this year, a week of a positive spin on things.
Look, it's easy to look for disagreements and anger.  I figure for a week I can find agreements amongst our arguments.  There is a common and communal joy in being alive and healthy and happy and in a community of friends and family.
So for a week I will be positive.
I start soon, but start you in the right mood with this picture of Lynn and Jane many years ago in the High Desert after a truly wet winter.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Pretty here in the desert too!

Previous comment: I hate the spell checker!!!

Poppy Fan from Wisconsin said...

I LOVE these photos of the poppies. Someday I'd like to see them in person.