Thursday, May 29, 2014

This just confirms what I knew

Without getting too schmaltzy, let me just say that I totally knew this.  I knew from the moment I kissed Ed that first time at CC Construction. LINK
Key passage
Well, there is some evidence to suggest that the first romantic kiss holds quite a bit of weight and serves as a way to assess the long-term potential of a mate. What are we assessing? A kiss may let you decide, via touch, taste and smell, the quality of a potential mate. Scientists speculate that we get a ton of information through the saliva about hormone levels, health and genetic compatibility. Hmmm… more like prairie dogs than we thought. Not to mention simple compatibility based on how well you kiss together. And naturally we aren’t the only species to kiss for ‘love.’ And once you kiss, there is a suite of chemical reactions in the brain and body. Sparks really can fly!

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