Monday, May 26, 2014

Yesterday in Brooklyn

We had a great day yesterday in Brooklyn. Not so great we are moving or anything, but a great day none the less.
Ed and sam "Not Poising"
It started with lunch with Val and Sam.  It was at some hip happening Brooklyn place near their apartment.  You know, huge line for brunch - Beyonce and JayZ go there kind of food.  Although it was excellent.  We scored a great table outside because Sam put our name in before his run.  So it was great.
The Monument to the Winners 

The Facade of the Brooklyn Public Libraby

Then we walked up to Prospect Park because we had never been.  It was a nice (albeit long) walk up Park Slope.  We got to the top and saw this very cool memorial to the Civil War Veterans and this very 1930s Library.
Azaleas, which bloom and they aren't pretty.  We hit them right. 
Next to the Library is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, so we went.  Eddie and I enjoy a good Botanical Garden and this was nice.  It's not as great as the New York on in the Bronx, but it is well laid out and was very much in bloom.

It also has a great Japanese Garden, which I love.  With a separate Bonsai Garden.  Apparently there was a lot of gift giving between Brooklyn and Japan in the 1920s.

Finally, it made us think of Lynn because of the Lavender.  Lynnie loves lavender and there were fields of it.

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