Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Coe Hall and the Plantings Field State Park

The second home we visited yesterday was a state park, but an excellently preserved Gold Coast home.  The home was owned by William Coe (a British insurance tycoon) and Mai Huttleston Rogers Coe - an heiress.  Her family was a prime partner in Standard Oil and the sole owner of a incredibly profitable railway that delivered coal from (now West) Virginia to the coast for shipment.
Anyway, they built this property  along with mammoth greenhouses and gardens.  It was very very cool.
Entrance to the Hall

The entryway.  I liked the flowers.  But notice all the Queen Elizabeth tat around.  These Long Island families loved the Brits.

A View into Mr. Coe's study.
There were two rooms that were particularly fascinating I thought.   The first was the breakfast room, off the main dining hall.  The Dining Hall could hold a banquet for 50, but the breakfast room was smaller and more intimate.
Around the room was a mural by a very famous (at the time) muralist Robert Chanler.  The family had a ranch in Wyoming and the father wanted a mural that would remind him of their time out west.  This Buffalo mural was painted, and the deeps golds are actually gold in the paint.  It was very impressive.  The ranch itself was purchased from Buffalo Bill Cody!

Reminder of the ranch.
Another of Robert Chanler's mural was in Mrs. Coe's bedroom. She had the cash and she was not a fan of subtle.  She had macaws and loved birds, so this was her bedroom mural.
Yep, it goes to the ceiling.
The grounds and greenhouses are amazing and in great shape.
The Italian Garden

Azaleas / Rhododendrons in bloom.

The greenhouse

The main greenhouse.

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