Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Matthew McConaughey: Mascot of the Month

This week-end Eddie and I had the TV on at some point and a Matthew McConaughey movie came on - Failure to Launch, one of his silly RomCom movies that weren't all that great, but he was great in.
At his dreamiest in Sahara
And I realized that Mr. McConaughey is a great actor.  I mean, he wasn't amazing in Failure to Launch (neither were Sara Jessica Parker, Zoey Deschenal, Bradley Cooper, Justin Bartha or Kathy Bates) - it was a very talent cast in a very bleh movie.
(Note: If you want an interesting take on him over the years, go HERE).
But since then, Matthew McConaughey decided at some point to be an actor, not a star.  Kathy Bates and Bradley Cooper were offered movies that allowed them to stretch as actors.  Matthew was continued to be offered movies where he was the hunk.  Because, well, he is hot as hell.
But then he made some movies that will blow you away.
Early on in A Time To Kill
Ed, Lynn and I first saw him in a Time to Kill, which taught me that courtrooms in the South have no air-conditioning. He was very sweaty in that movie.  To the point where he walked away from the camera and the sweat on his rear end made it stick to the khakis he was wearing and both Ed and Lynn reached out hoping it was in 3D.
What made Lynn and Ed like him in A Time To Kill

A string of cute boys movies followed until he took a year off in 2010 and then starting taking odd roles.
As a mena prosecutor in Bernie.
He was a weird drifter in Mud. A crazed killer in Killer Joe.  A despicable lawyer in Bernie.  A stripper in Magic Mike.
Almost unrecognizable in Dallas Buyer's Club. But it was the acting that really blew me away.
And finally, the lead in Dallas Buyer's Club, which broke my heart.  And then, to prove it wasn't a fluke, he was weird and wonderful in the HBO Series True Detective.
The True Detective look in flashbacks
So he is mascot of the month not just so I can put cute pictures of him up, but because he stepped out at age 40 to change it all up.  Good for him.

The True Detective look in present day.

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