Thursday, June 11, 2015

Police Officer in McKinney Pool Incident Apologies (and not one of those "If You Were Offended..." lame apologies)

The Police Officer caught on video tape apologized for his actions yesterday.
He didn't apologize for what "appeared" to happen.
He didn't apologize "if you were offended".
He didn't apologize with a "but it was their fault.
He did have a reason he was on edge, but he apologized for what happened.  And he said he shouldn't have let the previous incidents effect his behavior.  But then, really, who among us can actually let that happen.
Having listened to the lawyer, he didn't excuse his actions, he explained them.
Like the Police Officer, I am not justifying his actions.  he didn't try to do that.  He tried to explain.  And took the blame for it.
I can't accept his apology, as it wasn't giving to me, but to the people involved.  However, I feel better that he did it.  And I apologize to him for jumping to conclusions.  Previous to this, I feel that there have been a lot of racist actions by police, and I was quick to judge this one.

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