Thursday, June 11, 2015

Some Trends That Should Stop. Right Now!

1. The Manbun.

If Colin Farrell and Chris Hemsworth can't pull off the manbun, you certainly cannot.
Perhaps you don't live somewhere the ridiculous manbun has made a mark.  I wish I could say the same.  New York is home to the tragic hipster manbun.  And while Chris Hemsworth makes is look acceptable (not great), he would look better without it.  And he is the 2015 sexiest man alive.  If you are not that the sexiest man alive, it will just look asinine on you.
2. The Beard (are we past peak-beard yet?)
Jake looks a little teen wolf here, right (Jason Bateman version, not MTV).  The guy on the right is a photographer who shaved off half of his beard for a shoot.
I am over beards.  Not all facial hair, per say, but beards.  Scruff is fine (although every man with scruff should have to have a make out session with another man with scruff so you realize how uncomfortable it is 2 minutes after thinking... "Wow, that's hot!").  But beards, aren't we down with beards yet? 
Brad Becks and You.  Seriously, if they can't you can't.
And don't get me started on unkempt beards.  Look at the picture above.  If Brad Pitt and David Beckham look crappy in an unkempt beard, what do you think you look like with a neck beard?  A beard is not an excuse to abandon grooming altogether.
Even Chris can't pull off neck beard.
Finally, look at this example. This is Chris Pine - facial blessed - in various states of neck growth.  Short answer, scruff is best here.
3. The Drop Crotch Pants
Yes, this really is a thing.

When Justin Bieber brings on a fad, and adult male would be well pressed to ignore it.  Drop Crotch Pants, for those of you that aren't aware, are built so they look like your pants are hanging off your ass, but you wear a shirt over them so no one knows that go up to your waist.  So this is one horrible fad (drop crotch) masquerading as a different horrible trend (lowering your pants so everyone sees your ass / underwear).  Ug.  Stop.

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