Saturday, June 13, 2015

Yay! It's Not Just Us

So there is a new law in North Carolina.  The legislature override the veto of the governor to pass it.  So it must be important, right? (LINK)

On Thursday, the state’s general assembly overrode an earlier gubernatorial veto of Senate Bill 2, meaning that civil magistrates can now refuse to perform not only same-sex marriages if they say that doing so violates their religious beliefs, but any union of which they disapprove on religious grounds.
The interesting news is that they passed the law so that civil employees don't have to do their job and marry gay people.   But they couldn't say that exactly.  So now civil magistrates - yes people hired to perform a job, do not have marry anyone they don't approve of (religiously).  So if they don't want to do second marriages, they don't have to (Catholics - go find another place).  Or if they think Muslims or Jews are heathens, they don't have to marry them.  Or if someone has tattoos they don't have to marry them either (the Bible forbids tattoos in the same book as it forbids gay sex).
Now, of course, all that is bullshit.  They really just think Homos are icky.  But at least they had to pretend, which I suppose is a step forward.

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