Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Albertine Bookstore

The other day,  Ed and I were walking down 5th Ave when we passed the French Consulate.  We admired the outside (like we always do).  Here is a picture of the outside.  I didn't take this, I have taken many.  It was designed by Sanford White.
Both buildings are part of the French Embassy (an Embassy because of the UN).  The right part was designed by Sanford White.)
On the right above, where the flags are, is an entrance to an amazing bookstore, The Albertine (link).  Ed and I hadn't ever seen it before.
The inside is amazing as it is on two floors.  The bottom is normal, with a few cutouts in the ceiling, but the ceiling on the second floor is beautifully painted.  Here are some pictures followed by the information from the web site.
Fist floor books, with hanging lights.

First light fixture from picture above, with view towards second floor ceiling.

Second floor ceiling (and view in second floor).
From their web site:
The bookshop within the mansion was born in 2014, and its interiors were created by celebrated French designer Jacques Garcia (Chateau du Champ de Bataille in Normandy, France and The NoMad Hotel in New York City).
Albertine’s ceiling – a hand-painted mural of constellations, stars, and planets — was modeled after the extraordinary ceiling of the music room at the Villa Stuck in Munich, Germany, crafted by Franz von Stuck (1863-1928).
Also we took a picture of the entrance, which was cool.  But I read about later and it is fascinating!!!!
Entrance to building, with bookshop in the back.  The bookstore was only opened in 2014.
The centerpiece of the entrance of the building is a replica of Michelangelo’s Young Archer. The original had been in the lobby of the mansion for decades until it was discovered to be a Michelangelo in 2009. To our knowledge, it is the only Michelangelo statue on American soil. It is currently on loan at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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