Thursday, July 23, 2015

What We Missed All These Years: A Discussion

Jon Stewart and President Obama, both in their final laps, meet the other night on The Daily Show.  I wish everyone could have seen it.
Just 2 guys sitting around bullshitting.
The first 1/3 was the basic sell for the Iran Deal in a way that made sense (I thought - but I already buy it), but that wasn't the great thing for me.
For me, it was the second 2/3s of the show.  Where two very intelligent guys put down their personas a bit and talked about politics, politicians and the media.  And, with nothing to lose, they didn't do it to score points.  Stewart retires in a few weeks and President Obama retires in 18 months.  And these gentlemen didn't have to keep up appearances.
President Obama discussed the use of "talking points" in a way that was intelligent - and Stewart pushed back when it was overdone.
It wasn't a softball interview - because no one was selling.  And it wasn't a hard hitting interview, because there wasn't much disagreement basically.  But it was intelligent conversation about the state of affairs in America and it was cool.  It was positive and uplifting.
Hindsight is 20/20, so I will forsake the "maybe if"s and the "if only"s.

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