Thursday, October 29, 2015

At The Cloisters with Lynn and Sue

Sue and Lynn with cool columns
Lynn and her sister Sue visited last week-end.  One of the cool things we did was go up to the Cloisters.  I am sure you know, but if you don't remember, I will refresh your memory.  The Cloisters is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).

It was created, and later donated, by John Rockefeller.  He purchased a number of different pieces of Gothic European Religious Art in Europe.  He had the Cloisters built to house the collection and, in some instances, to be built with the collection.
The colors on this were sooo vivid.
A "cloister" is technically a walkway that is enclosed on three sides, often around a courtyard.  Mr. Rockefeller purchased a number of the columns for cloisters and had them built at the top of Manhattan.
Various columns around one of the courtyards.

It has beautiful art, and it was a kick to go with Sue and Lynn.

The outside doesn't really show what is inside.

Eddie and Sue

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