Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Republicans - Remember When You Were The Good Guys?

I would like to stop for a moment and remind Republicans of some of the amazing things they did.  Because I think they might have forgotten, in their hatred of Obama, their denial of Climate Change and the obstinacy against all things Democratically proposed - they were once the good guys of the environment.
Teddy Roosevelt started the National Park System.  Richard Nixon started the EPA and expanded the Endangered Species Act.  Conservative  values went hand in hand with conservation of our land, our environment and our country.  Religion believed in a stewardship of  Earth.
I think that business and industry has taken over the Republican Party.  These lobbyists have peddled false doubts in Climate Change and outright hostility to preserving the country.  But it wasn't always like that.
I could show amazing professional pictures, but instead I want to share just a few of mine, taken on film and then crappy little prints retaken with an iphone now.  Because the images aren't really the important part of the story.  The important part of the story is the land, and Americans loving their Heritage, their Birthright, their Country.
Arcadia in Maine.  I went with Lynn and Eddie in 2010

Lynn and I in Death Valley in 2006

Sequoia and Kings Canyon.  I went with Lisa in 1993

Nevada Falls and Vernal Falls from Glacier Point.  I went with Eddie in 1996

(L to R) Ashford, Hastings and Eddie enjoying the creek below Yosemite Falls in 1995
I guess I have a request  and a plea to Republicans.  The request is to remember your best sides for a moment.  The country you are trying to save isn't only profits and coal - it is a legacy we cannot squander.  And the plea is to not fuck it up.

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