Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Aviary at Waddesdon

Back to Waddesdon kids.  Here is an aviary they was constructed in 1903.  Now it hasn't operated continuously. During WWII it was shut down - no extra food for the birds.
Gareth, Barbara and I on our visit.

But it was restarted by the family in 1977.  It is now designed not as a folly for the Rothschilds, but to a part of the world effort to save endangered species.  Many of the birds are relatively common.  But the Rothschild's Mynah - named after them, had a fluctuating population which dropped to 6 birds in the wild in 2001.  There is a breeding program here and new birds have been reintroduced and the population is growing again.
A Rothschild Mynah.  It's only an okay picture because I used the iPhone, but still.  This little bugger is helping rebuild a wild population in Bali!
There is no other word for the place except glorious.
A good picture of the detail.  The aviary isn't a "walk through" type, but is designed for viewing and comfort.

bird  :-)

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