Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Simple Tool Millions of People Use: What Possible Side Effects

So, I have a bronchial infection and I got a "Z Pack" for it from a doctor.
What could go wrong?
I could have uncontrollable sweating, dizziness that seems getting worse not better, sitting up all night depressed trying to decide which side of the building to jump off of (South Side gives a better change of not hitting anyone or disrupting traffic - but then Ed would see it all the time and that would piss him off.  West mean I might finally be able to get them to clear the crappy little hotel if I hit right, but might destroy the only good Mexican food in town if I miss).  I don't cry too much because the diarrhea and sweats have left be bereft of water - so I just sit and shake from 12:30 AM to 1 AM missing the fact I can't drive to the fucking Pacific because this shit show of a city is full of people that are assholes that don't appreciate an ocean.  And there is no desert to go sit at and I hate this city more than I hate myself - but what ever.  Useless, I couldn't even jump of the fucking building.
Maybe some side effects for Scooter

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