Monday, November 23, 2015

I Really Liked Spotlight

Rachel McAdams, Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo

I am generally not a big fan of Michael Keaton, still haven't quite gotten over the bad aftertaste of Batman. (Oddly enough, one of the reasons I still DO like Val Kilmer - he was a great Batman).
AND, I get the heebee jeebees about movies about child molestation (that and violence against women - I walk out of those).
So you might imagine my trepidation towards seeing "Spotlight" - a movie about the Boston Globe's work on the Catholic Church coverup of the the child molestation issue, starring Michael Keaton.  However, I loved it.  It was a great movie (and about the investigation, not about the abuse per say).
It was really good, Michael Keaton was good and Mark Ruffalo was amazing.  Very non-Mark Ruffalo-ish.  He was great.  Go see it, it was really good.

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