Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I Saw A View From a Bridge last night... nice...

So I saw the Old Vic production transferred to Broadway of A View To a Bridge, with Mark Strong and Russell Tovey.
Russell Tovey and Mark Strong kicking ass at the Lyceum

I can't remember where I saw Mark Strong before, but I know I have and he was impressive before.  He is one of those actors that command the stage.
Russell Tovey, Eddie and I saw in  The History Boys when we first moved here.  Young Mr. Tovey is now kind of the gay "it" guy - as he starred in "HBO's Looking" (and didn't grown an asinine beard) and he has an Instagram account where his partner shows up occasionally and his dog shows up constantly.  And he is way cute.  The blond is for the show.
It was great to see his acting stood up to the hype.
Russel and the Frenchie

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Peasant from Wisconsin said...

Well, Scooter, somebody has to be the new "it" gay couldn't hold that thrown forever my dear. Take solace that you had your turn ruling.