Friday, December 04, 2015

The Cathedral in Saint Paul

Detail from the Cathedral in St. Paul, MN
On our trip last week to Minnesota, we did go one day for sight seeing in St. Paul.  We stopped and took a look see inside the St. Paul Cathedral.  I liked it.
It is somehow homier and more inspiring than St. Patrick's in New York.  Part of it might be the scale, which is smaller in footprint, but about the same height.  And part is probably it isn't wall to wall tourists.  But it was beautiful.  See the pictures.

They had large statues of the Evangelicals around the Rotunda

The front!  Snazzy.

St. Matthew with someone for scale.

I thought this huge picture was very perfect mid-west.  I actually thought it might be Norman Rockwell, but I couldn't find out.

Back of House from the residence to the rear entrance.  Stunning

This is NOT my picture, but I didn't get a good one from a distance.

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