Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Messing with The Parrot

The 2 buildings of the Museum of Art, connect by the floating roof and a 5th story passage you can't see in this picture
When we couldn't get into the Museum of Tomorrow (posting later about that), in Rio, we did what we assumed would be the next best thing and visited a really interesting building nearby.  It turned out it was the Museum of Art (1 of at least 4 in Rio).

There is a roof terrace where the black arrow is.  And the Pink arrow is the direction of the Museum of Tomorrow
The reason we decided to go to that building is that there was a roof viewing place and restaurant and we thought we would get a great picture of Calatrava's Museum and we did.
The viewing platform on the Art Museum's addition 

The view of the Museum of tomorrow from the platform (Ed's picture)
So mission accomplished.  But we also say a really fun show.  It was all in Portugues, but you got the gist.  Now, looking at the web site, which has a translation it is called: Fernando Lindote: betraying Macunaíma and Messing with the Parrot. (link)
Fernando Lindote is best known to American Audiences from the Disney war movie, The 3 Caballeros, and Jose Carioca, the Parrot.  A "Carioca", by the by, is a resident of Rio de Janerio, just like and Angeleno is a resident of Los Angeles.
In this exhibition the Parrot symbol is show in various forms by a famous local artist Fernando Lindote, with some other paraphernalia from the Parrot in Rio.
José Carioca and the exhibit.

A group of porcelain Parrots.
 He also worked with native imagery in art as the two paintings below show.

I liked it.  It was a colorful, fun and sometimes thoughtful show.  There wasn't an English translation of the show, so it was really nice that it was such a sensory experience.

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