Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Pictures from our Helicopter Ride in Rio

Okay, so we took a helicopter ride when we were in Rio de Janerio this last week for the first time.  It was a thrill and beautiful.  We had a great day for it.
So, the red arrow shows were our first apartment was. About 5 blocks from either Ipanema (more locals) or Copacabana (more touristas).
This is the second time we stayed in this apartment because it is wonderful.  Very centrally located - and very safe.  The subway is 1 block away (where the green of the park is), and very safe.  High up above us is a flavela - the really dense looking area.  Flavela's are dense areas of dubious ownership and many are slums.  This one is pretty much well controlled by the police.  In fact, the blue-stripped towers are the elevators up to the Flavela.  It is controlled by the police.
We flew around Christo - an art deco statue of Christ high up on a mountain.
It was an interesting flight around Christo (which kind of refers to the statue and the hill).  I have seen it from the stairs where the people are, and Christ seems to look down at you - so you don't get a good view of the face from the helicopter, but it is SOOO cool.
Ipanema Beach from the air.  The blue arrow shows where our second apartment was.  We had to move after a few days - long story.
So this was a work day.  On the week-end the foreground would have a zillion more people because the subway stops at that bit of green on the mid right.  And the locals head to the first area.  There are two clumps of people on the beach just below the arrow.  These are the gay beaches.  However, to be honest, they are maybe 50% gay and 50% hipster / cool kids - but they are fun.
Copacabana from the air.  Sugar Loaf is all the way to the right in the picture.
me - having fun.

Eddie - having fun.
Our helicopter.  It only held 3 people besides the pilot - so Eddie and I got a private tour.

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