Tuesday, February 09, 2016

San Francisco Buildings

So I saw some very cool buildings in San Francisco.  I am including them here, grouped.
First the new Federal Building on 7th right near Market.  It is a little brutalistic, but I liked it.
This is the new Federal Building.  It's kind of cool

Detail of the fencing.
The next interesting building was the addition to the Contemporary Jewish Museum.  It houses the Museum Store and some upstairs space, but the whole "cube dropped on a corner" vibe worked for me.  Particularly against the dullish facade of the CJM and directly behind an older traditional church.
It sits behind a church off the plaza, near a hotel entrance that serves as a walkway . alley between Mission and Market.

The addition (dead center) to the Jewish Contemporary Museum (right) and old church back (left).

Finally I saw the Federal Court building (opposite the new Federal Building) and it was 180 degrees different.  I think it was built in the 1990s, although it is a Federalist style.  I particularly liked the lights.

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