Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Some pictures from our Charleston Trip

We went to Charleston, South Carolina this week-end with Lynn and Alaine.  It was a great trip - and Lynn's birthday.
Charleston is my favorite city in the South.  Not only is it pretty and friendly, they don't drawl too much, and I like that.  Here are some pictures.
The Houses and Gardens.  I like the center picture how they rebuilt a wall around a tree.

Some of the old homes - and a staircase.  The rigthmost was used in WWII as an office for Public Relations.  JFK worked there for a while

General nincompoopery bumbling around. In front of the pineapple fountain is Eddie, Lynn, Alaine and me.  On the bottom left is the old Slave Mart, which had a terrific museum on the slave trade and life under slavery.

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