Saturday, August 27, 2016

An Odd Little Book

So... I love the Mapp and Lucia series from E.F.Benson.  As it is public domain, many people have written "further adventures of".

I did as well, and the result can be purchased from Amazon or via the sidebar.

And, I would like to here dedicate this to (as reprinted from my dedication):

Dedicated to:
The memory of E F Benson who gave the world wonderful characters

To Laura Harris for helping me bring them to life again

What is it about?

On the eve of the Great War, Elizabeth Mapp and Emmeline Lucas (Lucia to one and all) are called to service for King and Country. Recruited by a dear old college chum of Georgie Pilson, Mapp and Lucia are tasked to gather information from the Court of the Hapsburgs in Vienna. Can these two women put aside their differences long enough to solve an international mystery? Or will their unyielding attitudes and competitive nature cause a diplomatic incident?

Scott Mitchell takes the characters from E. F. Benson’s delightful Lucia series and throws them into greater waters – where they succeed and fail with humor, charm and style..

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