Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Hideous Clusterf*ck of an Election Continues to Lurch Forward

The American Election progresses forward with all there refinement and enjoyment you would expect from a plane full of hyperactive six years old barreling towards Orlando - that had been delayed by 12 hours, but they still weren't able to find all the snakes.

And, to strain the analogy further - I, and 300 million others, echo Samuel L Jackson:

However, our fatigue doesn't effect the sad pathetic game of politics in the slightest.  The six year olds scream, the snakes wriggle about, the cabin staff has locked themselves in the galley and - even if it all works out - we end up in Orlando with a bunch of hyperactive six year olds and four years of gridlock.

Positions have hardened into a state that makes compromise impossible.

  • Trump is a narcissistic sociopath.
  • Hillary should be locked up.
  • Trump's pronouncements are "text-book" racism, but the Rpublicans support him
  • Hillary is an opportunistic striver who will do anything to get elected, but the Democrats support her
No matter who is elected, the "Freedom Caucus" of Republicans is gunning for their leadership again.  The Freedom Caucus thinks that "Government" is the problem and wants them out of American's life. Except for legislating sexual practices.  And women's health care. And tossing out anyone who doesn't believe in Christ the Savior. Other than people's pee-pee's and who-ha's and what God he believes in and maybe woman shouldn't really have ever been given the vote; other than those - the government is bad.  They are showing this right now, but holding up any funding for Zika eradication or control. Zika is now endemic in the US Territory of Puerto Rico and spreading in Florida with other cases in Texas and Louisiana - but the government is inept - so doing nothing is preferable.

The Senate, who claimed the reason they would not confirm President Obama's Supreme Court pick was in order for "The Electorate To Be Heard - and let The Next President Nominate Someone", is shitting themselves and preparing the country for a lame-duck confirmation because it looks like "the electorate" will elect Hillary and she will nominate someone even more liberal. (So that was a big fat lie - no surprise there.)

Our "3rd party" candidates have "great" ideas like the Libertarians: "No gun laws at all, No National Parks, No Social Security" or the Greens: "Provide Government Health Care, Government Housing and Government Jobs.  Reduce the Tax burden and lower National Debt" - no where does the Green Party actually call out for 3 wishes and a Genie, but I think it is implied.

And yet, somehow, government seems to agree that 870+ overseas bases and bombings in 6 foreign countries is a great thing (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia).

And what are we obsessed about right now?
"He's going to be on Dancing With the Stars!"

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