Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Trump Felt "Boxed In"

Oy Vey!

Trump was feeling"boxed in".

If this is "boxed in", I am stupefied to see what Trump Unleashed is.

As for those of you that (luckily) haven't heard of Breitbart. It is a right wing crazy News / Gossip aggregator that will, occasionally, run original content. That content is proven, pretty much 100%, as false.

Like today they have a headline "Two Months Until Obama gives control of the Internet to Dictators."

I spent a year on ICANN, and it can be more defined as a collection of cats, than Dictators.

AND, the CIA has a back way to take control back anyway (as does Silicon Valley if everyone screws the pooch).

So - no need to go further.  I am, luckily, in Brazil fore the next 5 days and happily say good bye to the shit show that this election has become.

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