Wednesday, August 24, 2016

TV is Trying

Either Television is trying to shift with our tastes, or they are throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

For me, a couple of series stand out.

First Mr. Robot.  No spoilers - even if I could figure it all out - but Mr. Robot is off the rails bat-shit crazy this year.  A cliff hanger they ignored, various cast members disappearing for weeks at a time.  And the amazing Alf guest start in Elliot's head.

Mr. Robot goes Retro for 30 minutes.
Buckle up kids.

As for buckling up, Dark Matter is a Syfy show that was fine last year.  Entertaining and offbeat.  This year they decided to crank up the crazy by 1000% - and I like it. [Warning SPOILER ahead, but not if you have seen any of season two.]

Cast Season One
Dark Matter has a very diverse case (as you can see). But last year's resident hot white guy was killed off in episode 1 this season.  And again later (long story - but I figured that was how they were going to bring him back, but ka-boom, nope.)  And not, like long sad drawn out death, but single shot to the head.  Twice!

Now they still have the resident hot asian guy, hot mulatto gal, semi-hot robot woman and brought in a new hot white guy (who might have been killed off already as well - not clear) and a new hot black girl.  Anyway, TV is screwing with the formulas, which is perfect.

Cast Season Two: New hot guy and new hot girl are first and 3rd from the left.

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