Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We are about to head off to Brazil for the Olympics

... so before I go, I wanted to post a couple of images from Sarajevo.

Why Sarajevo, because one of Ed's colleagues gave me "The Cellist of Sarajevo" to read and it brought memories of these two buildings.  Both were destroyed early in the war to erase the memory of an independent country.
Above is the National Post Office.  Built by Austrai Hungary in a very Viennese form.  It is beautiful.  It houses the Post Office and one of the Internet / Phone companies and other offices. It was destroyed by someone walking a bomb into it.

Below is the Sarajevo Library.  It has been rebuilt and is used as City Hall. There are no books left, they all burned.  They Serbian forces shelled the buildng and then opened sniper fire on the fireman that came to put out the blaze.  The City Hall / Library is at the far end of Old Town, down in the valley while the snippers and mortars were in the hills around them.

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