Thursday, September 08, 2016

AGAIN: The Unfairness of the Press

Big News:

She responds to constant bombardment.
Here's the problem folks...
We hear about this constantly - NBC news has had a runing count-down of how many days since her last press conference.
But you know, Donald Trump has NEVER had a Press Conference as a Candidate.  EVER.  And yet, we never hear about that.
Sure, he won't shut up.  But it is never a press conference.  Hillary works the press and talks on shows - not as much as Donald (but then, she isn't invited as much because she isn't 30 seconds away from saying something totally assholey at any moment), and yet... and yet... Donald has NEVER had a Press Conference like they one they insist Hillary has.  You know, with all media allowed, allowed to ask questions and follow ups and where he stands at a podium and answers.

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