Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Congrats to the NCAA

For those not in the US, the NCAA is the National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is the governing body of our College and University Athletic Departments - which are a MASSIVE part of the US Higher Education system (both in participation, school body cohesion and money making).

This week the NCAA pulled 7 championship events out of North Carolina for the 2016 / 2017 school year system. This is due to HB2. Now, North Carolina Republicans want to pretend this is a bathroom rights bill - but it is vastly more - and the NCAA (pronounced NC2A or NC-doubleA) explains how much more very simply below (points 1 & 3).

If you want to know what was pulled: the list follows.  If you want to know how this effects North Carolina, well Basketball is just a small step below Religion in North Carolina (link link link).

As ABC 11 notes, there are 7 championship events that will be pulled from North Carolina as a result of the NCAA’s decision:
2016 Division I Women’s Soccer Championship, College Cup (Cary), Dec. 2 and 4.
2016 Division III Men’s and Women’s Soccer Championships (Greensboro), Dec. 2 and 3.
2017 Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, first/second rounds (Greensboro), March 17 and 19.
2017 Division I Women’s Golf Championships, regional (Greenville), May 8-10.
2017 Division III Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships (Cary), May 22-27.
2017 Division I Women’s Lacrosse Championship (Cary), May 26 and 28.
2017 Division II Baseball Championship (Cary), May 27-June 3.

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