Friday, September 09, 2016

Donald Trump's Admiration for V. Putin Spreads in the Republican Ranks - Updated

With Mike Pence echo'ing Donald Trump - admiration for Vladimir Putin is now an Official Republican Presidential Stance *.


I am not positive how to respond to this.

First, yes Vladimir Putin has been a "stronger" leader than President Obama.  He was also a "stronger" leader than George Bush (he sat next to Bush at the opening of the Beijing Olympics as his country invaded and then annexed part of Georgia.

But Vladimir Putin is the authoritarian leader that rules by fear, coercion, assassinations, and massive stealing of public goods.  He has closed anti-government media (and even pro-government media that weren't pro-enough). He has jailed opponents, associates and human rights workers.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump promise that Donald Trump will be just as strong a leader as soon as he is elected.  I believe them both. I do not think America will be able to survive them as the country I love.

*Trademark pending.

Updated: 9/9 - The Republican Love for Putin Grows.....

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