Thursday, September 01, 2016

I Actually Prefer Honest Hate of Hillary Over Justification and Fabrication

So last night I watched NBC nightly news and Hillary spoke to a non-partisan group of veterans.  I applaud that the VFW always invite both major candidates.  But the comments afterwards annoyed me in the extreme.

One of the Veterans said "I can't vote for Hillary because I can't vote for a liar.  I am 100% Trump all the way" (his words).

Now I think people can vote how they want.  But to say you can't vote for Hillary and will vote for Trump because you can't "vote for a liar" is disingenuous to the point of ridiculous. It is : deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.

If lies bug you then do you not know that Trump churns them out like East European Wives?

  • He said he was against the Iraq War (he wasn't).
  • He said Mexico is sending Rapists and Murders (Mexico isn't "sending anybody").
  • He said 90% of crime against Whites is committed by Blacks (89% is committed by whites).
  • He said President Obama is the Founder of ISIS.
  • He said Hillary Clinton is the Co-Founer of ISIS.
  • He said Russia will never invade Crimea (they had 2 years before he said this)
  • He said Inter-City Crime is reaching record levels (lie)
  • He said Hillary wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment (no)
  • He said Hillary was "sleeping soundly in her bed during the Benghazi attacks (it was the afternoon here and Hillary was on the job).
  • He said there is "no system" to vet Syrian refugees (there is a 24 month process).

I could go on, but there is no reason. He lies constantly.

And, I am offended by the comment that a person can't vote for Hillary because she lies and he can't vote for a liar AND THEREFORE he is 100% for Trump.

Just come out and say you can't stand her.  Say that Hillary's arguments are worthless to you; you hate Hillary / or Democrats / or Women / of the way the country has changed / or whatever.

Look my mom hates Hillary.  (She doesn't think Donald Trump is in anyway prepared to run the country, so I don't know how she will vote, but I do know she hates Hillary. ) She has said it repeatedly and has an explanation. She thinks (or thought) Hillary was an opportunist to stay with Bill Clinton after the affair, and she can't respect that.  That is okay by me.  It makes sense and I can understand it.

But artificial arguments (exaggerations and lies) bug me in exactly the same way the anti-gay marriage arguments were bullshit.  Just say you hate fags or gay sex is icky.  Don't lie to make shit up. Have the honest to admit that you hate her just because.

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