Thursday, September 01, 2016

Oh My God! Clinton Did Something Perfectly Legal - NEWS FLASH

I love this headline on Politico.

Read the article though, and - although incredibly snarky - shows nothing wrong.

But it really tries to imply it.
"Tax-Payer" money.  Duh, everything the government spends is tax-payer money.  It wasn't delivered ion un-marked bills under the cover of darkness on a street corner in Harlem.  I mean - he has a public foundation.

Now the article really tries to make it all sound bad   I mean, article says this law was written to "keep the ex-President out of the poor house". But that doesn't really appear anywhere in the law. President Clinton's retirement fund was used as intended, as a retirement account for an ex-President to use as he wished.

So.. staff, e-mail servers and the Foundation work were all pretty much DIRECTLY IN LINE with the act... That's terrible? 

Poppie Bush used his retirement funds to live the great live in Kennybunkport, AND so support the election of his sons to Governorships!

President Nixon bought a massive sea-side estate with his money, hired staff and researchers and wrote books.

President Reagan invested his in land.

This isn't some scandal - as is implied, it is exactly what the money was ear-marked for, post-Presidential work.  President Clinton happened to want to work on Education, Climate Change and Women's Health issues after he left office rather than run around in a yacht off Maine.  That isn't some nefarious issue.

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