Tuesday, September 27, 2016

One Thing that Reminds Me of Home Everytime

If you have ever worked in Los Angeles (or much of California), there are those days in summer when someone brings in baskets of fruit for everyone to take home.

The home tree has made too many Oranges, or Apricots, or Grapes, or Grapefruit, or lemons, or - the best of all worlds - too many purple plums.

I love purple plums. I love them right off the tree with the juice dripping down your face while you eat them.

They are hard to get in New York. Not plums - they are available, but the big juicy purple plums that make you feel like a kid.  The kind you have to eat over the sink.

I had one today and ti put a huge ass smile on my face.


Carol said...

Another reason to visit us then - we have a tree with purple plums in our garden. They're ripe just before Christmas!

Scott said...

Well then, you are right. Now great reason to visit you. New Zealand is just so dang far!!!!! But we'll get there.