Thursday, September 01, 2016

Some Mascots Are Just For Me

The Mascot of the Month are Ducks.  Just because I smile when I think of them.
So in Mallards I love they hidden colors that only come our when their wings are extended.  We all have hidden talents - ours should all be so boisterous

I had a duck once, Clyde, a small yellow duckling that grew into a big white duck.  He made me smile.

And there are a zillion colors and types of ducks.  They used to be thought of as a nuisance, but ever since those annoying Canada Geese have arrived, ducks seem quaint.  Anyway, here are some gorgeous ducks.
Ring Necked Duck - expand picture and look at the zebraish stripes on his breast.

A Type of Harlequin Duck

A Mandarin Duck

A Wood Duck (which is a dull name for a beautiful bird).

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