Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Well, if you happen to be in Reykjavik Tonight....

If you're in Reykjavik tonight between 10PM and 11PM, the street lights, businesses lights and many homes will be dark.

The city is turning off the street lights to better view the Northern Lights, which are supposed to be fantastic tonight.

Just saying.

(Icelandic Northern Lights)

This is right downtown on the waterfront - a Viking Ship Sculpture

From a Hill above town at the Perlen
Someday I'll go to see them.  But I hate the cold and I tend to like long ass Icelandic days to hike during.


ShellyH said...

On my bucket list. Gotta see the northern light.

Scott said...

I agree. I love Iceland and the hiking, but I want to go see the Northern Lights sometime. The problem is that it isn't predictable and I don't want to wait months in an Icelandic winter.