Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why Hating Something is So Powerful - And Why Donald Trump Does Great With It

Donald Trump expresses the frustration - bordering on hatred - of lots and lots of things.

This isn't (necessarily) a horrible thing. He hates a lot of things that I agree with. He hates the war in Iraq. He hates terrorists. He hates the stupidity of our political system.

Any hate can come from a build up of anger and frustration, particularly in a democracy where "we the people" are no longer represented.

So I understand the people that are attracted to Donald Trump, he gives a huge voice to those of us all who miss it.

It doesn't work for me in totality, because his hatred spreads too far against too many. Being the recipient of such hate for being gay; that galloping and expanding list of things and people he encourages hatred of, it frightens me.

And I think that is why he does badly with non-traditional women, gays, "elites", Mexicans, blacks, Muslims and so many others. We have all been on the receiving end of hate - and we know that it can quickly move from frustration to anger to harm. This is so much more true for blacks, Muslims and hispanics, where the "they" can be identified easily and singled out as "others".

Doing the frustrating work of "fixing" things is hard normally, and in our current political environment, impossible. Our asshole representatives can't even pass a simple clean measure to fight Zika for goodness sake! Zika! Who campaigns FOR Zika? But they want to add defunding Planned Parenthood and legislate making sure Confederate Flags can fly at National Cemeteries. Just stop adding shit and pass funding to fight Zika you dumbasses!

See.  See how easy hate is.

I think that frustration, building to hate, will get Donald Trump elected this year.

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