Sunday, February 05, 2017

Little Ivy League Basketball Last Night

So last night I walked up to Colombia and bought a ticket for the Colombia vs. Brown Basketball game.  So some things.

This was very early, it got busier.

First. let me say it is odd to be able to walk up to a Division 1 school 15 minutes before the game and buy a 4th row ticket behind the visitors bench for a game.  And that was because I was willing to spring for $25 for a chair with a back. I could have a $20 buck bench seat cheaper.

Second. It's Division 1, but not exactly what I am used to. Now I know I was a little spoiled by UCLA and Wisconsin, but they weren't fantastic. BETTER THAN I COULD EVER BE, don't get me wrong. But my friend Steve coaches CA High School Basketball and all I could imagine was him screaming "Box Out" and "Hands Up", then hitting his forehead in that new emoji way.

Third. The gym was cool and intimate, but VERY intimate. The Exit doors you see above were the entrance to the game and closed after it started. No getting here late or leaving early. Pauley Pavilion would crack under the pressure of getting to the game on time, and the inability to "beat the traffic".

Yep, only up by 4 with 20 seconds left.

Fourth. Colombia blew them away in the first half, but then barely held on to win. It was okay for me since I saw a fun game, but if I was a huge fan, when they pulled within 3 with less that 90 seconds to play, I would have died. I was nervous and I didn't really care.

Fifth. Colombia plays fun. Again it would kill Stephen, but they run down and toss the ball.  When it works, points (51 in the first half) - but when it doesn't stinker-roo. They went cold for six minutes in the second half and it was painful. Plus, their style does not adapt to "protecting the lead".

Sixth. And I know you were wondering, yes a couple cuties.  My picks, 10 for Colombia - Quinton from California. (Although 33 was cute AND and offensive machine). And 22 for Brown, Corey from Rhode Island.

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