Monday, February 06, 2017

Man Candy on The Expanse

I like The Expanse on SyFy (sifi). It is an interesting take on the books (which I haven't read) about the future of Earth, Mars and the Asteroid Belt.  Apparently, the producers are working with the book writers - so that the story will get to the same place, but not necessarily follow the books.

But I must say, the TV show is a bit of a **** tease. (If you don't know, you don't know).

He broods well....
They tend to exploit the rather lovely charms of one Steven Strait, hunk.

Unless you are a gay man or teenage girl, you may never have heard of Steven Strait. He is the humpy star of such great great movies as Covenant and 10,000 BC, where his formidable physic did most o the acting.

10,000 BC Semi-shaved and leather be-dazzled

The Covenant - Fully Shaved.

Now, on The Expanse, he is actually very good.  But the show can't help but nude him up.

Full disclosure, if I looked like him I might never wear clothes.

But it is always in the first episode.  The first episode of season one had a full on butt show (during gravity fee sex) and season two gives us the up against the wall sex.

Season 1 first episode

Season 1 first episode (I did NOT include the gratuitous butt shot - you're welcome). Butt it was lovely.

And we, teenage girls and gay boys, watch the rest of the season on the off chance he nudes up again.   

Then, sure enough, a little nudity and sex in the first episode of season two.

No season 2 butt shot - but it's early in the season.

Now sure, there are the occasional shirtless scenes (he tends to get shot a lot) but no more butt shots.  I suppose until season three when there will be yet another scene to pull us all in.

Which is funny, as I would watch anyway, I like the show.  But if you're promising me some man-candy, then deliver damn it.

In space, no one can hear you scream - or buy a loose T-Shirt.  Not that I am complaining.

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