Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Mascot of the Month: Leslie Jones

If you have seen this, THEN you know why Leslie Jones is the Mascot this month. If you have NOT - do it now! Right now.

I'll wait...

She is on SNL and hilarious. She started as a writer, but did a bit on the news that was hilarious, tasteless - offended some and endeared herself to others (me!).

She survived a Twitter Bulling rampage when she was in Ghostbusters and came out the other side smarter and tougher.

And looked good doing it.

During the Rio Olympics, her twitter feed was so funny and relentlessly positive that they sent her down to watch live, tweet and meet the athletes.

In these times - when I am sad - she makes me laugh and raises my spirits.

And here is her Inner White Girl.


Strong Independent Black Woman from Wisconsin said...

I love her too.....and I've stolen one of her lines. I use "Oh Heeeell No!" all the time.

Scott said...

Why you nasty little piece of Provolone Cheese Head.

ShellyH said...

I LOVE Leslie. I had to tell Dr. Grace about the inner-white girl skit. It lost something in the translation but I'm still laughing about it.