Monday, February 13, 2017

Nincompooperific new gun laws

Well, apparently the NRA isn't happy enough by our current gun death rate of 80 per day (versus our new "Muslim Ban" death rate which is 0 per day from the seven effected countries). We have to push those numbers up! Somalia is gaining on us! And we are going to WIN this.

To that end, the NRA legislators have introduced two new inane pieces of legislation. The first one has already passed the House

The first would role back an Obama Rule making it more difficult for the mentally ill to obtain weapons. Remember after Sandy Hook and other mass shootings how the NRA would blame the mentally ill, not regular people who purchased guns? And many of us, even non-gun rights activists agreed.

Well, there is a rule that if you are on US paid disability for a mental illness, then you shouldn't be able to buy a gun.  The NRA legislators have argued that this would effect eating disorders and depressed people unfairly.  Well if your depression or eating disorder keeps you from working AND the government has to pay you disability - the hell yes no gun for you!  But that is too much for the NRA House of Representatives - we have to now subsidize gun sales to crazy people. Yay!

So yes, your Representatives defending your interests - because that is why you voted for them, right? To keep guns in the hands of the mentally ill!

And since selling guns isn't enough, now the NRA investors want to sell silencers.

Outside of James Bond movies, silencers are only used to make it harder to find the bad guys. No hunter is strapped a silencer on his Glock to kill Bambi. But we have so many guns that the NRA has to find new and creative ways to take your money (Trump's election was actually horrible for gun sales - every time a Democrat is elected President gun sales go up because "<S/he is coming for YOUR guns!". Electing Trump meant no race on gun sales.)

You may ask why silencers are banned. It was from the depression when guns and crooks were rampant.