Thursday, February 23, 2017

Terriers Don't Play "Fetch" Well.

So Trevor was bored this morning. Don't ask how I know, just trust me I know.

Well, the back patio area is empty. It has furniture in the spring and summer, but they put it away for the winter.  AND, it is empty now as the snow melted. So we went to play fetch.

Ultimately he got good at it. He still won't being the ball back to me, but he drops it when I get to him.  This is better than Ashford - who would get the ball, come back but then wouldn't let go of it.  Or Hastings, who got the ball, then played keep away running as far away as possible.

I say ultimately, he got it - because the first thing Trevor did was get the ball, then run to a corner of the patio and drop the ball outside the gate. The gate doesn't open or unlock. So he watched the ball roll away down hill.  Talk about one Freaked Out Dog! The ball was leaving!!!!!

He shoved about 2/3s of his body through the grate, until (luckily) his hips got stuck. Then he was just stuck, trying to get through, until I caught him and drug him back inside.

Scene of the Crime: The green arrow is where he dropped the ball. Luckily, it rolled out of sight (red arrow) ultimately.
THEN he would play fetch and just drop the ball when I got to where he was.  Progress.