Thursday, February 23, 2017

This is How Your Know the Republican Politicians Here Are Playing Politics with People's Lives.

So we have President Trump - and the Republican Politicians - argued that LGBT protection and Transgender bathrooms laws should be left to the local levels. So he rescinded President Obama's Executive Order that protected Transgender students at the federal level.

At the same time, some Republican State legislatures have passed laws saying that ONLY State Law can govern local bathroom issues. And city statues on Gay Rights or Transgender rights are illegal. North Carolina has done that with HB2 and Arkansas has done that with LGBT non-discrimination passed by cities in Arkansas.

So, is it best left to the local governments? Or is it just a way for the Republicans to make live miserable for people wherever they can?

By the way, the Supreme Court in Arkansas did NOT say that outlawing LGBT rights was legal. It said that the state has the right to overturn local laws. The Court remanded back to the lower court to decide if LGBT and Transgender discrimination was legal at all. That will probably still go back up the to AR Supreme Court no matter what.

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