Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Westminster Dog Show Yesterday

Yesterday I went to the Westminster Dog show and watched a little dog show judging. It was quite interesting and fun. Okay, maybe not "fun". Those dog show people are intense and mean.

But the dogs were cool.

There were three breeds in particular I watched. The Welsh Terriers, the Jack Russel Terriers and the Lakeland Terriers.  The Welsh because of Ashford, and the Lakies because of Trevor.  And the Jack Russels because they were in between the two.

First the Welsh Terriers.

He was waiting to go on.

Waiting after walking in the ring.

Anyone who remembers Ashford knows that Welsh Terriers are sweet, loyal, highly neurotic dogs. Full of love and angst. But cool.

The Jack Russels were much much smaller than I thought (at least the show dogs) and fuzzier.  They were very very cool.

This little guy was my favorite.

There he is, second back.

Look how small they are when being judged!

And then there are the Lakeland Terriers. I know about them from Trevor and you could see the various sides of Tervor's personality in most of them. Sometimes primed to please, and then suddenly - over the whole thing. They are interesting (seem top picture) because they don't have the strict color standards of other dogs. They can be grizzle, tan, black and tan, red, in any levels.

Good looking Lakeland

The plain one in the back got 2nd place.

Finally, here is the "benching" area of the show. You could walk and see all the dogs getting ready to go out. Any of my dogs (which all hate being washed) would have hated this area.

And this is a PBGV - Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen. They are bigish, but I think they are adorable!


Canine (and Scooter) Admirer from Wisconsin said...

Who is being described in the following sentence: "Sometimes primed to please, and then suddenly - over the whole thing."

A. Trevor
B. Scooter
C. Yes

Scott said...

(In my best Lindsey Graham voice) "Why, Sir, you offend me!"


Point, Counter Point, Point Demonstrated...from Wisconsin said...