Saturday, February 04, 2017

Why March

So I went to the LGBT march / demonstration today at Stonewall. And I guess it is a good time to say why.

As a gay white male over 55, who will make more money from Trump - I am pretty low on his radar of hate. I get that.

But I march for the general good of society and for a specific reason - lesbians.

When the AIDS crisis blew up int he 1980s, I worked at a bar and was in the for front of fighting official ignorance and invisibility about HIV and AIDS (long before it was called that). And fighting with gay men were lesbians, including one of my best friends.

Lesbians are the least likely group to get AIDS - but they believed in fighting against hate and they saw all of us as a family.

That family has only grown over time.

That family of people now includes Black Lives Matter, Veterans, Women, Hispanics, Immigrants, Muslims, families left behind by growth, Men - it now includes all Americans (yes even Republicans).

I march for civil rights, because all Americans deserve them. 

Hell, all people in the world deserve the, but I gotta start somewhere.

I march and demonstrate for the American Family.

But particularly for lesbians, because without their courage and love in the 1980s, many many more of us wouldn't be here to march at all.

But this was my favorite sign.

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