Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Best Worst Casting - Hollywood vs. Trump's Team

I have already pointed out that the least mentally destructive way to view this administration is as so-bad-it's-funny movie (link).

Today's entry, Hollywood v. Team Trump in Horrible Casting

Hollywood, you're up first.

 John Wayne as Genghis Khan in "The Conqueror"
"Listen up Partner, I'm a goin steal this here Tartar Woman. You betch'em."
It isn't easy to stream - but you can buy a copy on Amazon or Shop TCM. It is racially offensive, a lousy movie and filmed downwind of 11 nuclear tests. Not great on many many levels.

John Wayne's Mongolian Accent is less convincing than the yellow face make up - seen here. But he could defiantly ride a horse.

PS - Bonus points for Endorra as Genghis' grizzled old mum (despite being 7 years younger than The Duke).
That's Agnes Morehead trussed up between Susan Hayward and John Wayne in Mongolia (Utah).

Team Trump's Entry. Ben Carsen as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

In his first speech to the staff at HUD he walked off on some pretty bizarre tangents.

My favorite was that whole  ... drill a hole in your head, stuff electrodes in your hippocampus and let you recite - verbatim - a book you read 30 years ago.

Let's see in 1987 I was reading....The Bonfires of the Vanities... - something I have no desire to read back all 690 pages- verbatim.

To be fair, this was simply one of the many crazy anecdotes from his stock "uplifting Brain Surgeon Speech" that he has been selling for years.

And, at least he didn't pull out that old chestnut he used to say about how the Pyramids were actually built as grain silos for  Egypt and directed by Joseph - of technicolor dreamcoat fame.

Instead he talked about immigrants coming to this country to build a better life.

And how slaves were immigrants - you know - as opposed to abducted labor.


And yes, I know that Obama used an analogy of slaves having to work very hard like immigrants, but in reference to after they were here and free'd. Not as the way they arrived.

  • Obama's words were "..similar to immigrants..." in the effort they had to expend after freedom.  
  • Carsen's words were "There were other immigrants that came in the bottom of slave ships."

THIS Hollywood v. Team Trump has been a pretty tight battle, but 3 points to ... Hufflepuff.