Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Liar in Chief

Our current President accused President Obama of an illegal act, wiretapping or ordering surveillance of Candidate Donald Trump.

Watergate was actually an act almost exactly like what Donald Trump accused President Obama of doing.

The accusation is a lie. Not false, not wrong. A f*cking lie! That is, a known untrue statement presented as true.

When confronted with this, he double downed and accused the British spy agency of doing it for Obama.

The Brits were justifiably peeved.

  • The Republican and Democratic Heads of Intelligence Committees in both the House and Senate have said it is not true.
  • The FBI has said it is not true.
  • The Department of Justice has said it is not true.
  • The Head of the CIA and National Security Administration said it is not true.
  • The British Spy Agency, with confirms nothing - called bullshit.

Yesterday President Trump said he didn't believe any of it and was still convinced that President Obama Wire Tapped him.

Even Presidents Bush, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama admitted mistakes after this much.

Heaven Help Us All.

The problem is not that he is a narcissistic sociopath here. I mean clearly that IS a problem, but not THE problem here. The problem is that, as President, people all over the world depend on him to tell the truth. Every time the President is wrong, it hurts us. When he lies on purpose, then the blowback is preventable and will be horrible.