Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Mascot of the Month Guy Pearce

I was reminded recently how much I love Guy Pearce. For a purely selfish reason.

He is one of the stars of "When We Rise", the LGBT human right story on this week on ABC. In it he plays Cleve Jones. Here is one picture...

Guy Pearce with Charles Socarides

Okay, what is weird here is that I know Charles Socarides (in the background).

If you came to the Project 1948 fund raiser Christmas party you meet Charles too. He is a great actor, usually off-Broadway. He is the other weird thing. Charles is playing his actual brother Richard Socarides in the show. In real life Richard Socarides worked in a variety of positions in the Clinton White House from 1993 - 1999. They are both sons of Charles W. Socarides an activist anti-gay psychologist who founded NARTH. Richard is gay, Charles (above) is not.

(Not that it matters. Guy Pearce is not gay either - he was married and is presently in a relationship with a woman.)

Anyway, after I saw the picture above, I told Charles I was super jealous he worked with Guy Pearce. Charles said that Guy was a very sweet man and a total professional. It's nice when you hopes about some one are confirmed. Because I do love Guy.
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
But all this got me thinking about Guy Pearce, whom I admire as an actor very very much. I first saw him, and fell a bit in lust, in Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Who didn't, he was cute as hell.

Guy (and Russel Crowe) in LA Confidential.

From their I watched him act amazing in shows like LA Confidential.

LA Confidential with Kim Bassinger (the both smoldered)
Arguably his best "weird" role was in Memento (which is actually better when rewatched than I thought, you know, when you know the twists). If you didn't see it - it plays backwards as he plays a man that can't store short term memories (and Carrie Ann Moss is a super bitch).

The iconic picture
With no short term memories, he tattooed clues on his body

He is one of those actors who can transform looks wise extremely well. And can match his acting to almost any period of location.
As an Action Figure in "Lockout"

Guy in the The King's Speech (he was the one who abdicated)

From the recent "The Rover"
 He also seems like one of those guys that didn't cash in right away when he was super hot (cough - Russel Crowe - cough), and instead played roles he wanted.