Thursday, March 16, 2017

NOT A Shit Show... Yet

President Donald trump Unveiled His Budget the other day with all the cuts and growth he wants.

It would be easy to go nuts about this, DON'T!!!

Three reasons.

1. The Budget as proposed by any President is never (in 50 years or so) enacted as requested. This is the President's way of laying out his priorities. We know he hates science and loves big guns for his little hands. This "budget" just reinforces that for the folks watching at home.

2. It cannot be implemented as is because the Military increase goes above approved limits set by Congress and the Democrats will filibuster to not allow changes as set up.

3. More than usual, this is an opening bid. Trump has often stated (in his Art of the Deal) that he likes to negotiate with an inane opening bid to get to where he wants. What is really important to him? Tax cuts for4 rich people and less regulation for businesses - particularly his.  Don't treat this as much of anything yet.