Friday, March 17, 2017

(NTF*) The Catholic church up the Street

Just up the street (Morningside Park Drive) is a Catholic Church based on the Church at Lourdes.

It was recently cleaned in the front and you can see the difference between the front of the church and the side of it.

As for the inside, behind the alter is a homage / recreation of the grotto at Lourdes.  This is where a bunch miracles are attributed to The Virgin Mary. It reading up on it in Wikipedia, I was surprised to see that this whole miracle grotto only dates from 1858 and was found by a young girl (Bernadette).

I was also amazed to learn that the whole "immaculate conception" i.e. Mary was conceived without sin, was new as of 1854!

From the inside of the church.

Detail of the grotto.

Anyway, the church is cool.

* NTF: No Trump Fridays

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