Thursday, March 02, 2017

Okay - I Don't Want to Respond, but this is Funny - Not Political!!!

I love this. Congress asked if he spoke with Russian Representatives during the campaign. He said No.  But he did.
Now, to him, this isn’t a lie because his “No” was the answer to the question he assumed. Which was “Did you directly talk to the Russians regarding a quid pro quo with regards to Trump?”
So he thinks that means he didn’t lie.
That is like someone saying, “Did you cheat on me?”
And you answer “No”
Then they find out you did. And you say, “But I didn’t cheat with Deanna. That is what you were really asking. Cheating with some girl I don’t care about isn’t the same thing.”
(And... yeah that was a real life example from my father.)
Then there is this.

Last time someone had Trump’s “Total Confidence” regarding a Russian Meeting lie, he was out within 24 hours. One can only dream it happens again.