Friday, March 31, 2017

Penn State Board of Trustee Alfred L. Lord has given us the price of Child Rape

Well, that is a nice closed subject.  Pennsylvania State University has put a price on child rape. Thank goodness we know.This is the price you have to pay AFTER you rape them. 

Penn State University Board of Trustee member, Alfred L. Lord has written a letter to The Chronicle of Higher Education, explaining that he is running out of sympathy for Jerry Sandusky's victims.

Of course, this is no real surprise. Last year Penn State football had an official "Joe Pa Day", wherein the entire stadium celebrated the man that knew one of his coaches was fucking a child in the locker room. But Jo Pa did tell Jerry to please knock it off - at least on campus.

That's the Jo Pa way.

So we know the "cost" of forgiveness for IGNORING the rape of children is winning football games. Now, luckily, the PSU Board of Trustees has given us a price for ACTUALLY raping them. It is somewhere around "7 figures".

I wrote the Penn State University Trustees at, asking what the official monetary figure was before the child of rape loses sympathy. And if there is a difference between raping boys vs. raping girls. And if the monetary figure is different if it happens at the University Football Stadium. I will be sure to let you know the answer.

The Penn State Alumni vote on the Board of Trustees - and I would appeal to their conscience, but I saw Jo Pa day on TV. And I only threw up a little.

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